News 2016

Welcome to my new solo exhibition in Copenhagen,Denmark from 14.okt to 9 of nov. 2016

opening friday 14 of oktober from 17-19 in Galleri Claus C , St.Kongensgade 118,CPH,DK

Fra den 14. oktober præsenterer vi en ny kunstner Ieva Bluma i Galleri Claus C.

Læs mere om kunstneren og invitation til fernisering fredag den 14 okt kl 17-19 for linket:

Ieva Bluma "Game Change" ink/acryl on canvas 2015

Udstillingen varer til 9.november 2016

News 2015

"Magical journey between dreams and reality” by Ieva Bluma"

Ieva Bluma B/W solo exhibition "Magical Journey trough Dreams to Reality"
gallery Putti, Riga - photos by Markovskis - Exhibition 2015

New collection

My new B/W painting and drawing collection is ready for new exhibitions from 30 okt-21 nov 2015 my new B/W painting solo show "Magical Journey between Dreams and Reality" will be presented at gallery Putti, Marstalu ilea 16, Riga, Latvia (click box for more info). After 15 years working with very colourful oil painting i returned to B/W and discoverer new visual way/style to express myself in last 2 years working with this collection. This new collection is inspired by my dramatic changes and happenings in life and meeting and interviewing Hollywood Legend Jessica Lange earlier this year in Barcelona for The Danish Art Magazine(Magasinet Kunst)

Designed and published my new B/W art catalogue in english - Ieva Bluma "Magical journey trough dreams to reality",32 pages ,26x26cm, my new B/W paintings,drawings,poetic text and my full interview with Hollywood Legend Jessica Lange (one of best best and most read articles on Leoildelaphotographie 2015) which inspired this collection and text.Result is beautiful,price13 euro+ porto,if you are interested contact few pages

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See all catalogues - link til katalog side

LR1(main radio LV)30 min interview about my exhibition in Riga and life/work in Denmark:


"The Dramatic Imagery of Jessica Lange" interview by Ieva Bluma

The Dramatic Imagery of Jessica Lange by Ieva Bluma
Jessica Lange is a true Hollywood legend and one of the greatest actresses of our time. She has won two Oscars, three Emmys, five Golden Globes and multiple other awards. Perhaps many people are unaware of the fact that she is also a very...
Click box to read interview in english

I was humbled and in awe to interview Hollywood Legend Jessica Lange in Barcelona about her photography exhibition Unseen for The Danish Art Magazine-Magasinet Kunst may issue.It was extraordinary experience.I always been fascinated by Jessica Lange as great actress and seen all go her films ,TV shows and theatre performances and was happy to discover that she is also very talented photographer.I was delighted to visit Ms Lange’s exhibition in Barcelona, “Unseen,” and to meet with her for a personal interview about her art. As a painter and photographer myself, I found this to be a unique opportunity to engage in a creative conversation with the talented Jessica Lange.

#mybestwork2015 Very proud that my interview with Hollywood legend Jessica Lange is promoted as one of the best and most...

Posted by Ieva Bluma on Monday, January 4, 2016

Im talking 5,51-7,35 min in this video with Hollywood legend Jessica Lange in Barcelona in press conference about her photo exhibition Unseen,and later was privileged to do exclusive interview with her:

Click images to read interview in danish - Magasinet Kunst as PDF:

My interview with Hollywood legend Jessica Lange in K Diena(main newspaper in LV culture section)in latvian.Esmu loti...

Posted by Ieva Bluma on Wednesday, January 13, 2016